Under Siege 3: Plane Danger (2007)
'Terror Flies High'

This was removed from IMDB, so apparently it wasn't real. That makes me a little bit sad. Original entry:

According to IMDB: "Casey Ryback is sent on a mission to take out Muslim terrorists who have taken over a flight from Israel to USA.". So if this turns out to be accurate the Under Siege Trilogy (oh good lord, saying that makes me feel funny, and you know they'll make a boxed set) will have covered the three basics: terrorists on a boat, terrorists on a train and terrorists on a plane. Already this movie has the makings of a classic (or at least formulaic) Seagal movie, and there isn't even a full cast for it yet! Also, the subtitle (Plane Danger), which I noticed on March 19th, 2006, is hilarious. I hope it's not real (okay, I hope it is real).