Seagalology Loves You

Just a brief disclaimer. Seagalology is a joke site meant to be taken in jest. Some stuff is real and factual, and other things are blatantly made up lies. If you're looking for real, concrete info on Steven Seagal, you probably shouldn't look here. Unless you want a kind of half-assed analysis of all of his movies and how they're all the same damned movie.

Also if you happen to be Steven Seagal (or one of his lawyers), please don't come break my neck! I love Steven Seagal and I am really starved for attention and I am compensating for my own inadequacies (but not down there, ladies) by making fun of someone famous! I'm pathetic, so please don't sue me!!

This site is in no way affiliated with Steven Seagal or his numerous projects and stuff, and I'm not Steven Seagal looking for attention either or trying to sell his CD and/or energy drinks! Nobody has accused me of that yet, but I figure I should get it out of the way.

And finally, all original content is © the author ( and may not be reproduced and/or claimed as your own. You can like, take it and quote it and on web sites or message boards and stuff (with a link perhaps), just don't steal it and claim you wrote it (I'm looking at you Ebaum's World!) because that's just being a jerk. And nobody likes a jerk.