Clementine (2004)

Seagal actually doesn't star in this movie (which is a Korean film). In fact his role in it is limited to a small cameo. However, that didn't stop him from getting his face plastered on the poster. Oddly enough, the plot is still eerily Seagalish. The main character is a Taekwondo champion who gives up his career to take care of his daughter. However, an evil gambling kingpin kidnaps his daughter (kingpins are usually involved with drugs and/or terrorism). He must then fight in a rigged match against a man who has never lost, played by (shockingly enough) Steven Seagal. I'm going to assume Seagal beats the snot out of the main character, who learns a valuable lesson and then he and Seagal beat the snot out of the kingpin guy and save his daughter. Since Seagal has a small role in this movie, we can forgive most of the problems with the poster (Seagal's head is not the largest, nor is a gun present). However, notice the movie title follows the one-word convention.