Executive Decision (1996)
'Fasten your seat belts.'

Wait, Kurt Russell? Who? This movie is infamous among Seagalologists because Seagal actually dies within the first fifteen minutes of the movie (or maybe it was longer, I wasn't really paying attention until then). However, the plot involves terrorists taking over a plane (which almost makes it Under Siege 3) which you have to give it bonus points for, because man how did they ever come up with that idea. Seagal also (albeit briefly) plays an Army lieutenant. There's also a pretty funny story behind this movie as Seagal refused to film his death scene for a few days saying it would disappoint his fans that he died (I shit you not). He also said that the way he died in the film could mean that his character somehow survived. I'm just going to spoil it and say that his character gets sucked out of a moving airplane at 30,000 feet. Without a parachute. Maybe his ego cushioned the fall.