Out of Reach (2004)
'It's a split second between hit or miss.'

The poster rules are followed quite nicely here. Seagal's head is by far the largest on the poster, and just so you know who's boss he's also holding a gun, though he's not pointing it at anything, perhaps harken back to his days of the 'On Deadly Ground' poster. The title follows the formula perfectly as well. As for the plot, Seagal plays a 'former covert agent turned survivalist' and he must save a young girl (who may or may not be his daughter) from a human trafficking network (which, let's face it, is a form of drug dealing with people instead of drugs). There's also apparently bad dubbing done on Seagal's voice, but I can't figure out why they would do that (except maybe he was supposed to speak another language and he refused to learn it).