Deadly Crossing (2011)
'No sympathy, no tolerance, no mercy.'

The first two episodes of the True Justice series, Seagal plays the "chief of an elite crew of undercover cops" (naturally). Also not only are drug lords involved, but the Russian mafia as well. The title of course fits perfectly and you will notice not only the looming head of Seagal (holding a gun) on the poster but in a case of past meets present we have an explosion behind him as well as a nice blue tint to contrast it. Bravo!

Finally, someone from Wikipedia is my new hero, as here is a portion of the summary from the Deadly Crossing page (as of this writing):

"His team are apparently the best at what they do, which doesn’t bode well for the safety of Seattle, since each undercover operation usually just ends in covers being blown and cops getting injured before Kane steps in to shatter the carpal bones of anyone nearby."