Lethal Justice (2011)
'Judge, jury and executioner.'

The tagline and title of this film (the fourth in the True Justice series) seem to imply that Steven Seagal has made himself some sort of justice-doling-out god, which is kind of like a cop I guess. Regardless here we have an excellent example of the two-word rule as well as an exquisitely crafted poster. Giant Seagal holding a giant ass gun in a wonderful blue-tinted background. And that's just the top half! Just in case you weren't quite sure how much ass was going to be kicked there's an example of what you're in for on the bottom as well as an in-progress explosion. Beautifully done, if I do say so myself. And you know I always do.

And yes, I do feel that I should point out that the True Justice series has two episodes (forming this movie) named "Lethal Justice". Delicious!