Payback (2011)
'Today is payday.'

I assume this movie is mostly... payback... for when Mel Gibson stole the title of Seagal's The Patriot for his similarly titled film. As expected this is not Payback, but it is Payback, the final episode and film in the True Justice TV series, and ending it with kind of a sputter. The title really doesn't work with the one-word rule, and in fact even blatantly disregards it since 'payback' is kind of a cool word. The poster is also not the strongest, with one of the first Seagal-centric movies to not feature him holding a weapon of some kind on the cover. His head is bloated and huge, and there is a gratuitous explosion, but the lack of a gun (or sword) really bums me out. Maybe this will be corrected for the eventual US release, but we'll have to wait and see.