Into the Sun (2005)
'Only one man can stop the Yakuza.'

Back to his old tricks, Seagal plays a CIA agent kicking ass and taking names in Japan. This all occurs after the assassination of Tokyo's governor by the Yakuza. That's right, someone is murdered and Seagal must kick the shit out of a gang. The poster is something of a departure as Seagal isn't actually holding that huge gun, but I think the giant explosion behind him makes up for it. Actually, if you really look, I think the gun is photoshopped in there... I guess the one he was really holding wasn't big enough or something. Also note that the title fits the three-word formula perfectly. If only the poster had some blue in it. This movie, by the way, was originally planned for a theatrical release but was switched to be straight to DVD.
Submerged (2005)
'He found the enemy... on the wrong side.'

Here Seagal plays a mercenary (the world's best of course; expecting less from Seagal is just silly) who is freed from prison. The mercenary angle is a bit of a change of pace, but he's freed from prison in order to stop some terrorists (extra points!). Apparently these terrorists have developed a mind-control system, and then there's something in there about a submarine. At any rate you can probably consider it Under Siege in a sub. The title of the movie likewise is a change of pace since 'submerged' is an adjective, but it is pretty non-threatening, so I guess we can let that one slide. Also since the poster follows the formula perfectly, with bonus points for the blue tint, we can fully forgive the title anomaly. This was also straight to DVD.
Today You Die (2005)
'What Seagal Does In Vegas, Nearly Destroys It.'

It seems 2005 is the year where Seagal shakes it up a little. In this film he plays a reformed thief attempting to go straight. Hired as a delivery man in Las Vegas, he's framed for stealing $20 million and must exact his (no doubt) bloody revenge on those who framed him! Notice the title misses the three word formula, as it is 'noun pronoun verb', though the feel of the title seems to fit as a Seagal movie, so perhaps revising the title rule is in order. However, this is remedied by Steven Seagal featured on the cover of the DVD holding a gun with a large explosion behind him. Also, in what has been a winning formula before, he co-stars with a black man, though I wouldn't quite call Anthony Criss 'famous'. The plot is tricky, but he is out to get revenge on some people who framed him. Okay, and framing someone is like killing their character. And people who frame other people are like low-budget terrorists, so there you go! Revenge on terrorists for killing someone!
Black Dawn (2005)
'It's always darkest before dawn.'

This is actually a sequel to The Foreigner, or at the very least Seagal plays a guy with the same exact name. Anyway he's a former CIA operative who has been framed for killing a lot of his former CIA agent co-workers, so there's a shoot-on-sight directive on his head. And as if that wasn't enough to adhere to the formula, Seagal has stumbled across a deal between Colombian arms dealers and Middle Eastern terrorists who want plutonium for a suitcase bomb to blow L.A. to smithereens. Terrorists, arms dealers, CIA, getting framed! And in a stellar move the DVD cover features a large picture of Seagal holding a gun and an explosion!