Mercenary for Justice (2006)
'It's time to fight again.'

The original title of this movie used to be just 'Mercenary', which bent the one-word title rule with mercenary being a pretty threatening word. To my elation, however, they changed it to Mercenary for Justice, which not only fits the rule perfectly, but it's downright eerie that they would change it for a non-conforming title to a conforming one after this site's creation. Anyway, in this movie Seagal plays a mercenary (shocking, I know) who gets caught up in a mission which endangers the lives of people close to him. As if that wasn't enough, in order to save them he needs to break into some prison and break out the son of- you guessed it; a drug lord! They sure know how to shake things up. The poster, while tinted red instead of blue, makes up for that by having Seagal holding a gun not once, but twice. And just to make sure, the only other person on the poster is also holding a gun.
Shadow Man (2006)
'Either you're with him... or you're dead.'

My prediction for this movie back in November 2005 (or so): "Seagal is in the CIA, and probably discovers a double agent or secret society or something like that. I'm guessing they threaten him by kidnapping his wife or kid, and then he storms in and kills them all with akido!"

Plot according to VideoETA: Steven Seagal stars in this pulse-pounding thriller about an ex-C.I.A operative who must unravel a lethal web of international espionage to save his daughter and stop a deadly virus from falling into enemy hands. [...]

Now to save her and take down her kidnappers, Jack must blast his way into the shadowy world of international espionage, where enemies lurk at every corner and friends can turn on you in an instant!
Attack Force (2006)
'Humanity's greatest hope... Faces his greatest battle.'

This is the movie formerly known as Harvester. So clearly the plot outline on IMDB about aliens seducing man were way off, though I'm not sure the actual plot of this movie is any better. It involves Seagal leading his task force to their brutal deaths when they're all killed by some secret task force or something like that (terrorists?). Seagal, of course, survives unscathed. He then heads off to investigate them and finds that it's some rogue branch of the government and uh, I assume he kills everyone. Note the title follows the two word rule, and of course the plot is Seagal out for revenge since someone killed his task force. Perhaps since his task force isn't that close to him (let's face it, they're no wife or daughter), the poster has Seagal holding not one, but two guns. And just for posterity, there's an explosion behind him.