Flight of Fury (2007)

Plot summary from IMBD: John (Seagal), is sent in to recover a stolen Stealth Bomber. His trusty sidekick Rojar (Alki David) and John's ever faithful Jessica (Ciera Payton), fight the rebel forces of Banansistan, led by the vivacious Ellianna (Katie Jones).

Banansistan? Anyway, here we can assume either Rojar or Jessica (or both) are killed by the rebel forces... and then Seagal fucks some shit up. Note the title follows the three word rule and Seagal plays an Air Force pilot. And rebel forces are just like terrorists! Also if you check out the cover we've got a large Seagal holding a gun with a sweet explosion behind him. This one looks to have all the makings of a classic!
Urban Justice (2007)
'When revenge is personal, justice can be brutal.'

Formerly Once Upon a Time in the Hood (changed for legal reasons) to the much more formula-following Urban Justice. "Seagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son." (according to IMDB).

So we can gather that Seagal is uh, seeking revenge for a dead loved one. Sweet! Where do they come up with this stuff! Also Seagal is paired with a famous black man in Eddie Griffin (who is clearly not in very high demand in spite of Undercover Brother), so the success of Glimmer Man and whatever other movie starred Seagal + black guy did not go unnoticed.

The box (I can't really say poster since this was direct to DVD) features what appears to be Seagal's face poorly photoshopped onto the body of a younger, slimmer man for some reason. Also he's holding a gun and is the largest person on it.