Driven to Kill (2009)
'They took his daughter. So he's taking them down.'

"An ex-Russian mobster who is now a crime novelist must confront his past when his family is targeted by violence." So, Seagal doesn't play a cop or cop-like figure, however he is a reformed bad guy (I guess), which is I suppose a close second (it would make him 'troubled' anyway). However his family being targeted is an important point. Also mobsters are kind of like terrorists, and I assume it is mobsters who are targeting his family. The working title of this movie was 'Ruslan' (seriously, a Russian guy named Ruslan?) however the new title follows the three word rule perfectly so the change is certainly excellent. The cover also features Seagal holding a gun and behind him there's an explosion. A tour de force!
Against the Dark (2009)
'He lives by the sword. They will die by it.'

This movie came out during a point where I wasn't paying attention so excuse me if I'm at a loss for words. Here's the plot summary from IMDB: "When most of the population of Earth is infected by a virus and transformed in flesh eaters and blood drinking creatures, a group of hunters leaded by Tao and his word chases the vampire zombies to eliminate them. Six non-infected survivors try to find the exit of an abandoned hospital crowded of the infected creatures, and Tao and his group help them. Meanwhile the military command is ready to bomb and wipe out the area from the map."

So uhhh, well... okay well, the three word title rule holds up pretty well, and we also have the triumphant return of the blue tint, though it's only the background and not Seagal. I'm not sure if it follows the plot rule or not. I guess it can? Vampires are kind of like terrorists? Tao isn't a cop, but he's apparently the best vampire slaying dude, so there's that. We'll call it a draw for now. No gun on the box either, since Seagal's character uses a sword, but that's a minor infraction. Also the sword is on the cover so it makes an excellent gun substitute.
The Keeper (2009)

In this film Seagal plays an LA cop who flees to New Mexico to work as a bodyguard for the daughter of a wealthy businessman. However he's apparently a shitty bodyguard because the girl is kidnapped by mobsters. So then he has to hunt them down and blah dee blah. Former cop, protecting some chick, killing everyone. We get it. 'The Keeper' is a bit of an anomaly of a title similar to 'The Patriot'. As a two-word title it's not overly fitting, but as a one-word one it kind of works. The box art is pretty standard, large Seagal holding a gun (a shotgun for the US version, handgun for the international one). What more could we ask for? Hopefully someone calls him a gringo during the movie!
A Dangerous Man (2009)

This film sees Seagal play a former special forces dude fresh out of six years hard time for a murder he naturally did not commit. Why he only got six years for murder I suppose we'll never know. Oh but wait, it gets better! So after his release he just happens upon a kidnapped girl, some drug money and... the Chinese mafia. Oh yes, that is what they call a trifecta. The box art as always features a large Steven Seagal holding a gun, plus an explosion. The black and white is something new, which is nice to have of course, but really it's just a variation on the tint theme so it's pretty well in line with what we've come to expect. The title (which fits the three word rule of course) was originally 'On the Run'.