Born to Raise Hell (2010)
'Street justice has no rules.'

This film sees Seagal as an Interpol agent assigned with targeting a drug and weapon trafficking (check!) in eastern Europe. However, during a run in with some Russians and Gypsys, a member of his team is killed (check!) and Seagal must seek out vengeance (check!). Fun fact, 'Born to Raise Hell' is the longest non-subtitled movie title for any Seagal film! Since the title rule calls for two or three word titles this falls entirely outside of the realm of that rule. However, the box art brings the most triumphant return of the blue tint since 2002's Half Past Dead (Against The Dark was less tinted and more just a blue background) and of course our hero is holding a gun.

And if you are curious as to the even more than normal familiarity of the box that's because the headshot is exactly the same as the one on A Dangerous Man. I don't mean that he's making the same pose, I mean that it's the same photo. Look at his expression and more importantly the clothing he's wearing. Even his hand and gun are exactly the same. Bravo, sir, bravo.
Machete (2010)
'He was given an offer he couldn't refuse...'

Machete is a Robert Rodriguez joint which spawned from one of the many fake trailers shown during Grindhouse. It also stars Danny Trejo with Seagal taking on a smaller role, but to my joy they made character/actor specific posters for this film. We can safely ignore the title and instead just bask in the glory of Steven Seagal's poster. Okay so there's not an explosion or gun, but he sure does look like he has to take a crap! Also I think this is the first time he's been in a movie that actually hit theaters in a while. Good for him.