Deadly Crossing (2011)
'No sympathy, no tolerance, no mercy.'

The first two episodes of the True Justice series, Seagal plays the "chief of an elite crew of undercover cops" (naturally). Also not only are drug lords involved, but the Russian mafia as well. The title of course fits perfectly and you will notice not only the looming head of Seagal (holding a gun) on the poster but in a case of past meets present we have an explosion behind him as well as a nice blue tint to contrast it. Bravo!

Finally, someone from Wikipedia is my new hero, as here is a portion of the summary from the Deadly Crossing page (as of this writing):

"His team are apparently the best at what they do, which doesn’t bode well for the safety of Seattle, since each undercover operation usually just ends in covers being blown and cops getting injured before Kane steps in to shatter the carpal bones of anyone nearby."
Dark Vengeance (2011)
'Show them no mercy.'

This is part two of the True Justice series, which stars our hero as Elijah Kane, chief of an elite crew of undercover cops. I'm just going to assume it has the same plot as the first movie and just jump to how everything else stacks up. Dark Vengeance of course fits the two title rule, though it does earn some points for using the word 'vengeance' instead of 'revenge' or 'justice'. The poster of course is a giant photo of Seagal holding a gun and it's tinted a shade of blue (or close enough). If that's not good enough for you it also contains a tiny explosion and an action shot of Seagal taking a guy down. What more could you want?!
Street Wars (2011)
'The city is the battlefield.'

The third movie, built out of the fifth and sixth episodes in the True Justice series, Street Wars I can only assume sees the war (against drug lords and the Russian mafia) taken to the street. Sadly the title doesn't really fit the rule, though I suppose 'street' could be considered an adjective if you wanted to bend the rules of English a little. Nonetheless, the poster more than makes up for this with Seagal sharing the space with other (I assume) actors but being way bigger than everyone else. He's also holding a gun and the entire street is exploding like crazy! So I can forgive the title since the poster is pretty much by the book.
Lethal Justice (2011)
'Judge, jury and executioner.'

The tagline and title of this film (the fourth in the True Justice series) seem to imply that Steven Seagal has made himself some sort of justice-doling-out god, which is kind of like a cop I guess. Regardless here we have an excellent example of the two-word rule as well as an exquisitely crafted poster. Giant Seagal holding a giant ass gun in a wonderful blue-tinted background. And that's just the top half! Just in case you weren't quite sure how much ass was going to be kicked there's an example of what you're in for on the bottom as well as an in-progress explosion. Beautifully done, if I do say so myself. And you know I always do.

And yes, I do feel that I should point out that the True Justice series has two episodes (forming this movie) named "Lethal Justice". Delicious!
Brotherhood (2011)
'Meet the new breed of law enforcement.'

This is the fifth of seven films that were built out of the True Justice TV series, which was comprised of thirteen butt-kicking episodes where Steven Seagal apparently dishes out justice without any regard for proper procedure or human life. Brotherhood is a pretty good use of the one-word title rule, I would generally say the word brotherhood is a non- menacing noun, so bravo there. The poster is wonderful, with a giant Seagal head about to burn Seattle to the ground or something. Either way he's holding a gun and below him is an explosion of some sort, so it pretty much can't get more cut and dry than that. Sometimes I wonder if the guys designing these posters are reading this site or something.
Urban Warfare (2011)

Not to be confused with Urban Justice , because holy shit what, this is the sixth film that was lovingly crafted from the ashes of True Justice, a thirteen-episode series that aired in Spain and the UK (but takes place in Seattle). Plots, whatever, they are not even trying any more here. The poster is literally just a huge Seagal, holding a gun with a massive explosion background behind him. I'm also not exactly sure what he's looking at, but it's certainly not the sights of that gun... it's almost like that head is just... pasted on there from another poster or something. Weird!
Payback (2011)
'Today is payday.'

I assume this movie is mostly... payback... for when Mel Gibson stole the title of Seagal's The Patriot for his similarly titled film. As expected this is not Payback, but it is Payback, the final episode and film in the True Justice TV series, and ending it with kind of a sputter. The title really doesn't work with the one-word rule, and in fact even blatantly disregards it since 'payback' is kind of a cool word. The poster is also not the strongest, with one of the first Seagal-centric movies to not feature him holding a weapon of some kind on the cover. His head is bloated and huge, and there is a gratuitous explosion, but the lack of a gun (or sword) really bums me out. Maybe this will be corrected for the eventual US release, but we'll have to wait and see.